Eric Hymowitz is very involved with his family. Him and Shara are the proud parents of three children. They are very active in their Synagogue and has coached his children's Little League baseball, basketball and soccer team.

ROC Homes


Every year a mission of Eric's is to give back to the Houston Community. He reaches out to his employee's to find out which organizations mean the most them them. At that time he gives charitable donations to organizations that have a deep meaning to everyone.

Since 1993

About Eric Hymowiz

Eric Hymowitz moved to the Houston area in 1994 shortly after graduating from Tulane University. It was during his time at Tulane he found the value in philanthropy and being involved with various organizations.

In 2002 Eric started ROC Homes. His goal with ROC is to provide residents in the Houston metro a great home at an affordable price.


Eric Hymowitz Award Showcase